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January 23, 2016
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August 7, 2017
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FT-IR Frontier-Perkin Elmer

FT-IR Frontier-Perkin Elmer



  • Excellent performance over the ca. 700-30cm-1 region due to our high performance interferometer.
  • Automatic beam-splitter change over ensures fast and easy switching between ranges.
  • Innovative design results in minimal purge stabilization time.
  • Patented, advanced atmospheric compensation algorithm automatically removes spectral interferences due to H2O and CO2 in real time, increasing the reproducibility of spectral data and minimizing purge requirements.
  • Fixed mirror-pair (Dynascan™) interferometer design is immune to the effects of tilt and shear present in commercial instruments; this requires no dynamic alignment mechanisms.
  • A wide range of sampling accessories provides the flexibility to measure almost any solid, liquid, powder or paste across the whole mid-/near-IR range.
  • Automatic beam geometry control to optimize sensitivity and spectral resolution performance
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