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Arvin Bonyan Tajhiz Co has initiated its activities with rely on technical and scientific capacities and experience of its members about offering counseling services, providing equipments and items, erection and set up, training operators services , calibration of research and laboratory tools , industrial analyzers. As you know, today we face to many measuring and laboratory equipments in many scientific, research and industrial centers in our country but they are useless and out of service because of non offering appropriate services by official and exclusive representatives and sellers , which can be mentioned the lack of providing spare parts on time, correct regular calibration, accurate regulation of measuring tools, holding appropriate training courses , finding faults and repairing the faults equipments. In this condition , the potential of these centers has decreased to do the mentioned activities and finally the productivity index will be decreased . Thus the managers of these centers are striving to find solutions and resolve the problems. This company is honored to announce that it contributes and cooperates to managers to solve these problems with rely on local capacities , knowledge of long lasting experiences , access to multiple supply out resources ( companies such as Restek, Hamilton , PerkinElmer, Agilent)and providing the construction and production group. It Must be mentioned that Arvin Bonyan Tajhiz Co have four expert departments as below , which each of them is managed by the best known managers :

  • Foreign commercial ,selling equipments and spare parts
  • After sale services(service department)
  • Training and application
  • Produce the equipments and spare parts

Due to above mentioned , this company has announced its readiness to offer equipments, holding workshops to the users in sites, made repair and annual maintenance and preventative measures .